After a long, good summer and fall with lovely concerts, workshops,polka cafe´s and the ETHNODENMARK camp,  I look towards the winter and light the candles... -And then I start to practise! I found a wonderful and very inspiring teacher, Esther from Glamsbjerg, so instead of falling into pieces with the nature I really got back to do some studying!

Recently I have been to the Neuenburger Gitarrentage once again in the North of Germany with Trio Mio for some masterclasses (not on guitar, but on the violin) and concerts together with the three crazy guys from Hot´n´Spicey. It was a blast to be there again! Nice people everywhere!

We in Trio Mio still work on our new album, Love And Cigars , which will be released in February/March. It will really be something to look forward to, I guarantee.

But in the meantime, I work with my new constellation, TRIO SALIX, with singer Sussie Nielsen and piano player Ole Kiilerich. We do music for churches and quiet rooms, I just love it! Good friends and goooooood music!






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