The last six months I have been working with new music for dance - in a specific Danish tradition.

I composed 45 new tunes for dances like "sekstur", "polka", "sønderhoning", "honrfiffen", "ottemandsdans". It has really been an exciting challenge for me, and the result was quite satisfying! Some of the repertoire was presented at the festival Musik Over Præstø Fjord together with Rasmus Nielsen (pn), Clara Tesch (vio) and Tina Quartey (perc).

 I received a working grant from composers union, DJBFA, and we also played at their galla-party, where all the flashy Copenhagen-composers got to sweat !!

AND - as a final - we will play for dance at FOD, the youth camp in october. 150 enthusiastic dancers !! IT will be grrrrrreat.

I hope to do it again next year in som way !

The name of the project is called "WAITING FOR THE WAVE" ( = Mens vi venter på bølgen )


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