Last summer I moved to a new house. It used to be a school until 25 years ago. And thats why I now have daily access to : a GYM !! Not a big one, not a smart one, but a nice sized one for small concerts and big rehearsals. So this year I decided to test what this gym can do for me and the music.

In February I recorded a demo in the gym with my old play-mate, Jesper Vinther. 4 new tracks composed by me. Nice trad-ish. Polka, Scottisch, Waltz, Marsch. Can be used for dancing or just doing the dishes. 

And here in April I invited friends and neighbours and introduced them for a 5-piece-band. We rehearsed one day and the day after we played a small concert - and recorded at the same time. And had a nice coffee and a friday beer.

And in May I will host Kongero, Swedish vocal quartet. They will do workshop for the local Tommerup choir, and after that a concert. 

Testing, testing.... what will be next ?


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