Trio Mio releases new CD sept 7th 2014. "Grevinden / Countess / Gräfin"

We are very proud to present album no 4 from Trio Mio. 10 tracks, mostly brand new tunes, but all in a very new sound, now with Peter Rosendal on piano/flugabone.


The Countess is "Gräfin von Holzendorff", who names a little charming hotel in Germany. In the middle of a very boring area with factories, roads, industry, grey surrounding and an atmosphere of total giving up, there she is, the countess : warm, cosy, flowerish, with nice beds and hot coffee she welcomes you...This is our tribute of not giving up !

Label : GoDanishFolkmusic


  • Artistic Research
    - about folk-big-band
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  • honoured to receive....
    ... this nice working grant from DJBFA!
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  • CD with Bark&Blik
    proud to present : VILDSKUD
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